Domestic Animals

Feral Cats - Visit the Long Island Cat Kitten Solution's website for information on trapping, low cost spay/neuter, and adoption of feral cats.


Stray Cats and Dogs - Contact your local SPCA or Humane Society

Banded Pigeons/White Doves - Banded pigeons are typically used for racing, and banded white doves are typically ceremonial release doves. We cannot accept these animals at our hospital. If you have found one of these birds, you may be able to find the owner by reading the band number. You can go to for help with reading a bird's band. If you are unable to find the owner, contact us for a referral to an organization in your area that may be able to assist with re-homing. 

Escaped Pet Birds - The Long Island Parrot Society can provide information on lost and found pet birds.


Escaped Pet Rabbits - The Long Island Rabbit Rescue group may be able to provide assistance in finding a home for an escaped pet rabbit.

Escaped Pet Reptiles - For aid with pet reptiles on Long Island, contact STAR Foundation in Suffolk County or Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn. 


Farm-type Animals - Chickens, domestic ducks, pheasants, and similar game birds may be taken in by a local small farm, horse barn, or similar establishment. The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen may be able to assist in placement.

Wild Bird Fund and STAR Foundation may be able to assist with placement of farm-type animals as well. 

Farm-type animals should never be released into the wild as they are unable to find food or fend for themselves.

For all animal abuse inquiries, please contact a local SPCA branch.
 Nassau SPCA: (516)-680-5913
Suffolk SPCA: (631)-382-7722

Exotic Animals

While we are not able to accomodate these animals at our center, we are happy to provide resources for medical treatment or placement options elsewhere. Please contact us with any questions about exotic animals you may have found.

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