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Red Foxes are the only species of fox native to Long Island. Red Foxes are omnivores eating everything from fruits and vegetables to small mammals and birds. They mainly hunt at dawn and dusk and will store extra food under leaves, snow, or dirt to be eaten later. Foxes are part of the Canidae family like dogs and wolves but unlike these relatives, foxes do not live in large packs but rather in small family units.

Did you Know?

Red Foxes have super sharp hearing! Their large upright ears allow them to take in sounds from all directions. Their hearing is so precise they can hear a mouse squeak from 100 feet away! Their incredible sense of hearing combined with their excellent sense of smell makes the Red Fox a very successful hunter.

Coexisting with Foxes

Red Foxes are an important part of our environment, here are a few ways to coexist with them

  • Keep garage and shed doors closed

  • Do not leave any human or animal food out overnight

  • Use animal-proof trash cans like these

  • If you have chickens or ducks that live outside keep them in a protective coop

  • If you suspect a fox to have mange call our hotline for assistance

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