Patient of the Week

Meet our Muskrat! This adult male muskrat came in to our facility on June 24th from

Heckscher Park in Huntington. Upon admission, the staff noted deep lacerations to the right side of his face. Unfortunately, these injuries were not fresh and there was a heavy load of maggots in all of the wounds, as well as some fly eggs in it's coat. Staff set to removing the eggs and cleaning the wounds after starting the muskrat on pain-killers and antibiotics. Over the next few days staff cleaned the wounds periodically to stave off infection and remove every last maggot.

The wounds have improved significantly from admission, and the muskrat has become quite fiesty. Along with the attitude change, he has developed a healthy appettite! He eats a large amount of greens, nuts, and special rodent blocks, gaining weight with each passing day. Hopefully the wounds will continue to heal properly and we will be able to release this spunky male back into the wild!

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