In Memory of a Beautiful Bird

The life of a wildlife rehabilitator is filled with the ups and downs of gratifying but also often heartbreaking work. 17-1874 was a second year Bald Eagle found grounded right in neighboring Laurel Hollow. Admitted to our center the Sunday before Thanksgiving, this bird was unfortunately in very poor shape: thin, unable to stand and exhibiting neurological symptoms. We administered fluids and tube feedings to attempt to stabilize the Eagle for transport to an Eagle rehabilitator. Testing of blood and radiographs were performed all to try to diagnose the cause of distress for treatment. Unfortunately, despite the great efforts by our staff and veterinary team at Animal General of East Norwich the eagle's neurologic condition declined and this beautiful patient did not pull through.

While not the outcome we hope for, this is the reality of the work we do. Not all patients make it to release, but each one is important. We remember each of these patients and learn from their stories. Several years ago, Eagles were seldom seen on the island. It is wonderfully encouraging to see an increased presence of these incredible and iconic birds in our area. Keep your eyes to the skies and you may even be lucky enough to spot one!

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