Eleven Baby Opossums Saved!

Every day brings new admissions to our center. A tragic call to our hotline yesterday regarding a deceased mother opossum in Huntington Bay had our transport volunteer, Justin, up and in action early yesterday morning. Justin transported the mother opossum to our center where we removed eleven lucky babies alive in her pouch!

As marsupials, female opossums carry their babies in a pouch on their abdomen. The babies will stay in the pouch until about two and half months old! The pouch is a safe place where the babies are constantly nourished by their mom’s milk through her teats. Insulated by the mom’s abdominal walls, the pouch can even protect these vulnerable babies from the impact of a car!

While this beautiful mom did not make it, we will provide around the clock care to make sure her babies grow strong and independent for their release back to the wild.

Drive cautiously and always be alert for wildlife. Remember, if you see a deceased opossum in the road, stop and call our hotline or your local rehabilitator. Your actions can save many little lives!

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