Baby Owl Success Story!

This baby Great Horned Owl, known as an owlet, fell from his nest after a wind storm. On of our volunteers immediately went to the location and found the owlet on the ground, about 50 feet below his nest. Mom Owl was seen nearby, but wouldn't be able to raise her baby without the safety and protection of a nest. the owlet was brought to our Hospital to be examined and fed a nutritious meal as we devised a plan to reunite him with his parents. The next day, our staff carefully crafted a make-shift nest using a laundry basket and natural branches and foliage. With a team of 6 people, we headed back to where the owlet was found and saw that Mom was still perched in the tree nearby! The new nest was carefully secured to a high branch in the tree and then the owlet was carried up and placed in the nest. We watched for about an hour and, while Mom & Dad Owl were seen nearby, they were hesitant to come to the baby while humans were around. We decided to leave the baby for the night and come back in the early morning to check on him. The next day, we were thrilled to see Mom Owl sitting in the new nest with her baby!! Thanks to

the Good Samaritan who contacted us about this owlet, and our dedicated staff & volunteers, this owlet now has an excellent chance of survival and success in the wild

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