Raccoons are nocturnal mammals found all across Long Island. They are opportunistic scavengers, this means they will eat almost anything they come across including fruits, vegetables, animal matter, and human-produced garbage. They have very nimble paws that they use to manipulate food items, climb trees, and even open objects like trash cans. 

Did You Know?

Raccoons are known for their black mask markings on their face. These dark markings actually help raccoons recognize each other and differentiate different individuals!

Coexisting with Raccoons

Raccoons are an important part of our ecosystem, here are some ways to easily coexist with them. 

  • Seal up any entrances to basements, attics, or window wells

  • Keep shed and garage doors shut

  • Do not leave any human or animal food out overnight

  • Use animal-proof trash cans like these


Volunteers for WIldlife does not accept raccoons

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