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Shorebirds & Seabirds

There are many different species of shorebirds and seabirds that call Long Island home or pass through during migration. They are primarily found on the eastern and southern coasts of Long Island bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Seabirds such as the Northern Gannet and Common Loon spend the majority of their lives in the water, only coming on land to nest. Shorebirds such as the Piping Plover and Willet live on the sandy shorelines of beaches. These birds feed on fish and crustaceans found on the beaches.

Did you know?

The Piping Plover is a federally threatened and endangered species. They are known to nest on the shorelines of Fire Island from March through the end of June. Thankfully, there are numerous protection plans in place to protect these birds and their delicate eggs.

Coexisting with shorebirds and seabirds

Shorebirds and seabirds are an important part of our environment, here are some ways to easily coexist with them.

  • Always clean up materials after fishing to avoid fishing hook/line injuries

  • If you are a hunter, use a lead shot alternative. Lead toxicity is a leading cause of death in seabirds

  • Keep dogs on a leash at the beach and avoid fenced off areas to avoid disturbing nesting shorebirds

  • Be careful when using water vehicles to avoid collisions with seabirds.

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