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Long Island is home to over 50 species of songbirds. Some pass through during fall and spring migrations while others live here permanently. Each species have specific dietary needs, habitat requirements, and nesting habits. Every species of songbird has special adaptations to help them survive in the wild like beak shape, coloration, and unique call. 

Did You Know?

The official bird of New York is the Eastern Bluebird! Eastern Bluebirds can be found on Long Island all throughout the spring and summer and even during mild winters. They nest in the cavities of dead trees and feast on insects like caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles, crickets, and spiders. In the fall and winter, they also eat fruits like blueberries, dogwood, and mistletoe.

Coexisting with Songbirds

Songbirds are an important part of our environment, here are some ways to easily coexist with them.

  • Seal up any entrances to your house like air ducts and dryer vents to prevent nesting

  • Prevent window collisions with easy DIY tricks like these

  • Nesting parents are protective! They will swoop down at humans or pets they perceive as a threat. Avoid walking near active nests where parents are standing guard

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