Meet Our Staff

Wildlife Center Supervisor

Wildlife Center Supervisor

Alicia joined Volunteers for Wildlife in 2013 as an animal care & education volunteer. That summer, she graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor's degree in biology and became a member of our staff. Alicia has past experience working with cats & dogs in a veterinary hospital as well as volunteering at the Bronx Zoo's Wildlife Health Center. Alicia is a New York State licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. Her favorite species to work with at Volunteers for Wildlife are loons, Wood Ducklings, and Virginia Opossums.


Senior Wildlife Rehabilitator

Brianna joined Volunteers for Wildlife in 2013 as an animal care volunteer and continued her involvement over the years as both a volunteer and seasonal employee. She received her bachelor's degree in animal and veterinary sciences from Clemson University in 2017. At Clemson, she worked with farm animal species but realized her passion for wildlife had been right in front of her all along. After college graduation, Brianna obtained her New York State Wildlife Rehabilitator License and joined Volunteers for Wildlife full-time. 

Wildlife Rehabilitator

Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice

Bob joined Volunteers for Wildlife in 2013 as a volunteer and subsequently interned there before college. In 2014 he pursued his bachelor's degree in Conservation Biology at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. While there, he co-authored a paper in the journal of Food Security regarding field research on rain-forest restoration and traditional Mayan forestry. Additionally he traveled to Spain and worked on an international team developing solutions to human-wildlife conflict in a European Green Capital City. After receiving his degree, he returned to Volunteers for Wildlife as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice and is excited to continue his training. 

Amandine Tooth

Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice

Amandine first joined Volunteers for Wildlife in the summer of 2019 as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern, with previous volunteer experience and coursework focused on animal welfare, wildlife ecology, and conservation. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Animal Biology at the University of British Columbia in 2018, and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Animal Ecology at Sweden’s Lund University. After completing her Master’s thesis on variation in reproductive strategies of the tawny owl (Strix aluco) in early 2020, Amandine excitedly returned to Volunteers for Wildlife as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice. She particularly enjoys working with our raptor patients, and is looking forward to learning more about the diverse species that Volunteers For Wildlife helps year-round.

Jack Dillon

Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant

Jack joined Volunteers for Wildlife as a rehabilitation assistant in the fall of 2019 after completing a Bachelor's degree in Zoology from SUNY Oswego. Jack spent his senior year in college working alongside his professor studying the populations of native turtle species in New York, where he discovered his passion for serving as the voice of the animals who can't speak up for themselves. For this reason, he takes great pride in his work here at Volunteers for Wildlife and to be part of a positive change in his community.

Cristen Sagevick

Education Coordinator

Cristen began her time at Volunteers for Wildlife as a Rehabilitation Intern in the autumn of 2018. She joined the staff as the Wildlife Center Assistant; working for both the rehab and education departments. In 2020, Cristen assumed the role of Education Coordinator. Cristen graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a bachelor’s of science in Animal Biology and Conservation in 2016. She has followed her passion around the world volunteering with the Big 5 in South Africa, researching the Bengal Tiger in India, and working with both domestic and therapeutic animals close to home. 

Wendy Raye

Human Resources Director

After 30+ years in Human Resources in NYC in advertising, Wendy joined Volunteers for Wildlife in 2014 as an animal care volunteer. She has expanded her involvement with the organization and now works in our office answering our Hotline and assisting with administrative duties. Wendy doesn't have any pets at home, so she really enjoys working with our wildlife!

Lauren Schulz Eddings

Lauren graduated from Connecticut College with a bachelor's degree in zoology in 2006.  Lauren's first introduction to wildlife rehabilitation was here at Volunteers for Wildlife as an animal care volunteer in the summer of 2004! Lauren spent the next two summers working at our center as an intern in 2005 and then as a wildlife educator in 2006. The following fall, Lauren pursued a master's degree in education from Saint Lawrence University and worked as a summer teacher naturalist at the New Canaan Nature Center in 2007.  In 2008, Lauren was welcomed back as the Education Coordinator and she began work in her current role in 2012. Lauren is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and serves on the Board of Directors of the New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.  

Alicia Grubessi
Brianna Cornachio
Katie Meyer

Katie joined Volunteers for Wildlife in July of 2016 after she received her bachelor's in biology from SUNY Cortland. During her time at SUNY Cortland, she was involved in the biology club, Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society, and spent two years doing research with a professor studying the catepillar Cactoblastis cactorum. She gained past wildlife experience from volunteering in South Africa while working with big cats. Katie is a licensed New York State Wildlife Rehabilitator. 

Bob Pedian